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Quantify is a python based data acquisition platform focused on Quantum Computing and solid-state physics experiments. It is built on top of QCoDeS and is a spiritual successor of PycQED. Quantify currently consists of quantify-core and quantify-scheduler.

Take a look at the latest documentation for quantify-core or use the switch in the bottom of left panel to switch to the documentation for older releases.

Quantify-core is the core module that contains all basic functionality to control experiments. This includes:

  • A framework to control instruments.

  • A data-acquisition loop.

  • Data storage and analysis.

  • Parameter monitoring and live visualization of experiments.

⚠️Caution! This is a pre-release beta version, changes and improvements are expected.


Quantify evolves rapidly, nevertheless, the following presentation by Adriaan Rol gives a good general overview of Quantify.

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